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Asset loans for high net worths

For Borrowers For Lenders

HNW Lending is a Peer to Peer Asset-based lender

We have been trading for over 4 years and have arranged over 300 loans to date with over £65 million lent

Please note your capital is at risk and interest payments are not guaranteed. Click here to find out more

Secured Loans

Loans for individuals and businesses which are secured by assets


At HNW our interest rates remain very competitive


Fast and free sign-up and application process


The security of your information is very important to us


HNW Lending facilitates loans to individuals and businesses who have assets such as property (UK and overseas), cars, pensions, etc as security for the loan

  • Loan sizes range from £30k to £3m
  • Interest rates are very competitive

As we are privately funded, our service is quick and discreet. If we make a loan offer then the funds will be there to facilitate the loan

  • Loan offers are usually issued on the day of enquiry
  • Loans can be completed in a few days
  • No details are given to credit agencies


Asset-based or 'secured' lending means that if a loan defaults, the assets can be sold in order to repay the loan

  • This adds an extra layer of protection compared to unsecured loans although this does not mean that the return of capital is guaranteed and there may be a delay in the return of funds
  • The Directors of HNW Lending Ltd take a first loss position in all loans - this means that if a loan were not to repay in full the HNW Directors lose money before investors lose money
  • Loans are mostly funded by individuals, but corporates, ISAs and pension schemes are also able to fund loans or parts of loans as our minimum investment is £10,000

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