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About Us

About HNW Lending

  • HNW Lending is a Peer to Peer Asset-based lender
  • 'Peer to Peer' means that HNW collects money from individuals and businesses to lend to other individuals and businesses
  • 'Asset-based' means that HNW takes security over an asset to back up a loan so that, if required, we should be able to sell that asset in order to pay back the loan before we need to then chase the borrower and any guarantor for the debt

  • HNW Lending has been trading for over 4 years and we have completed over 300 loans in that time with over £60m lent to borrowers
  • The average loan size is just over £190,000 and to date HNW Lending has had an exemplary track record
  • HNW Lending is a stable business which has made profits every year and has an FCA-approved wind-down plan to protect lenders in case of insolvency
  • All lender funds are kept in an FCA-compliant ring-fenced client money account which is reconciled daily
  • HNW Lending is authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority to conduct Peer to Peer Lending, Credit Brokerage and Debt Administration and is also registered under the Data Protection Act 1998

  • HNW Lending's CEO is Ben Shaw. For more info on Ben click here


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Intermediaries are welcome to contact us
- We pay industry-leading broker commissions the day a loan completes
- We aim to turn application forms into loan offers within one business day
- We provide brokers with constant feedback throughout the due diligence process
- We aim to complete all loans by the date the borrower wishes to draw funds