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Borrowing Process

Borrowing Process


Information gathering

HNW Lending will ask you to fill out our Application form and to email through any valuation documents you have. This can simply be the estate agent's particulars on a property. However if you have a formal valuation, particularly on the more unusual assets, this is helpful. If you prefer, we can arrange to come out to see the assets or for you to bring your valuables into our offices. We also have a panel of nationwide property valuers should a valuation of a property be required


Offer of a loan

Based on the information sent in, HNW Lending will make you a formal offer to facilitate lending you funds. This will be set out in a Loan Offer which will be sent to you. If you are comfortable with the terms, you will be asked to sign and email a PDF or a photo from your phone of the signed Loan Offer back to us


Items moved to safe storage or charge registered (for property)

HNW Lending will then arrange with you for the items to be moved into safe storage, if possible at a place convenient for you. For property, a solicitor would be instructed as only a solicitor is permitted to register a legal charge at the Land Registry. We will also do some background checks on you and the asset (for example for anti money laundering requirements)


Signing of loan documents

There will usually be just two documents to be signed - the Loan Agreement (which sets out the terms of the loan) and a security document - which provides HNW with security over the asset being used to guarantee the loan


Funds move to borrower

This will usually be via a same-day CHAPS transfer