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Exemplary track record and HNW Directors co-invest

To date, HNW Lending Ltd has had an exemplary track record, despite a number of loans having been in default. This is because the Directors of HNW co-invest. Of course, this does not mean that your future interest payments or capital are guaranteed, but we believe that our experience, loan-to-value ratios and the types of asset we take as collateral allow us to carefully select loans and reduce the risk to you of losing capital

The Directors of HNW Lending co-invest in all loans. In addition, the Directors of HNW Lending put their own money into loans in a first loss position. This means that the HNW Directors would lose money before investors do. Hover here for an example

Benefits for Lenders

Secured Loans

  • HNW Lending arranges secured loans for individuals and businesses which are secured by an asset
  • This means that if the borrower is unable to repay the loan, HNW Lending, as agent for the lender, can sell the asset in order to repay the loan, although this does not mean that the return of your capital is guaranteed and there may be a delay in the return of funds


  • The lenders on our loans are individuals, companies and pension funds who wish to lend money and earn a good rate of interest
  • Lenders are lending on an individual loan basis and not in a 'fund'. They are also lending directly to borrowers and not to HNW Lending Ltd
  • Although some loans are taken by a single lender, most of our loans are shared between a number of lenders
  • A lender commits at least £10,000 to each loan in which they choose to participate (£5,000 minimum commitment inside an ISA)
  • Lenders may also invest in our 'Auto Invest' feature - this gives lenders diversification by investing in a basket of at least 20 loans and also has some additional features to protect against losses

Automated online process

  • Lenders can sign up FREE and can then see the loans available, as well as the documentation supporting those loans - such as the valuation documents
  • Should a lender wish to lend money against a particular loan, the lender can choose to do this through HNW Lending's secure login area. Lenders are under no obligation to lend against any loans if they do not wish to do so
  • Statements are available online and are updated daily

Report on Title prepared for lenders by solicitors

  • For Property, HNW Lending will arrange for a solicitor to produce a Report on Title and also ensure that a charge over the property is registered at the Land Registry
  • For all loans, HNW Lending also obtains a confirmation from a solicitor that:
    • a) there are no material items that should have been notified to the valuer that might affect the value of the asset being taken as security for the loan
    • b) the loan documentation is 'fit for purpose' such that the interest and the loan repayment can be collected
    • c) the lender and borrower are complying with all applicable laws and regulations

Third party valuations

    HNW Lending will normally arrange for a third party valuation to be provided, on which lenders can rely
  • This means that if the asset were to sell for well below the value in that third party valuation, then HNW Lending should be able to pursue a claim of negligence against the valuer and thus recover sufficient proceeds to repay the loan
  • Valuations are uploaded to the website for lenders to read

ISA investors

HNW Lending allows lenders to use ISA money to fund loans

Pension fund investors

HNW Lending allows lenders to use pension fund money (including SIPPs, SASSs and trust funds) to fund loans

Interested in becoming a lender?

    Please note your capital is at risk and interest payments are not guaranteed. Click here to find out more

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