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Lending Process

Lending Process



All potential lenders must sign up for HNW Lending's Online secure platform and give us certain pieces of information for us to be able to conduct FCA 'know your customer' checks, such as a copy of a recent utility bill and a passport or driving licence.


Review available loans

Via our Online secure platform lenders will be able to see the list of loans available and review the documentation associated with those loans. This will normally comprise:
-A Lender Term Sheet, which sets out the principal terms of the loan (eg loan amount, loan length, interest rate payable, security being offered, reason for the loan, how the loan is to be repaid)
-The valuation of the security
-The Loan Agreement and other important information eg copies of documents held at the Land Registry


Choose which loans to lend against

Pledge money to only the loans you wish to lend against and / or choose our 'Auto Invest' feature which allows you to invest in a basket of 20+ loans. Subsequent to your pledge, you will be asked to send funds to HNW Lending Ltd's FCA-compliant Client Account


Loan completion

For loans that have already started, your funds will start earning interest the next working day after your pledge. For loans that have not yet started, you will start earning interest once the monies are sent to the borrower and the loan starts


Interest and loan repayments

HNW Lending collects the interest and capital payments on behalf of lenders. The HNW Lending secure login area provides a detailed statement showing your participations in loans, interest earnt, capital repayments, etc. We make payments to the lender's nominated bank account as and when requested. If there is an issue with a loan (eg non-payment of interest or principal or a loan to value breach) then HNW Lending aims to inform you of the issues and will propose a method of resolving them. Any important decisions (such as a loan extension) are voted on by lenders